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Makeup (eye makeup or face makeup)

by Hamza Butt 09 Feb 2023

Makeup artists, fashion bloggers, stylists, and makeup lovers of all stripes struggle with the age-old question of what comes first when applying their craft. The choice between eye and facial makeup is one example. Individuals tend to fall into one of two camps when it comes to applying makeup: those who focus on the eyes or those who focus on the face.

Don't degrade the power of makeup just because you don't see the point. It is always important to think about things from the other person's perspective despite how it may feel. You would think that skincare is more vital than cosmetics, yet many people report that it boosts their confidence and happiness. In the following blog, we will explain the significance of face makeup Halloween and why it is necessary. 

However, the feminist movement in various parts of the world has advocated for natural face makeup art and inner beauty sans makeup, in this and the previous century, labelling cosmetics as a form of enforced notions of femininity. Yet during this time, numerous techniques and approaches advanced, leading to a near-perfect mastery of the art form. Despite some debate, being able to do your makeup or applying a flawless face full of makeup is still admired by women of all ages and backgrounds and even by men to a lesser extent.

face makeup and eye makeup

Makeup transformation quality:

Makeup has a transformative quality that has likely been discussed by those who have spoken of its power. When applied skillfully, highlighter makeup on the face can transform a person dramatically. Acne on your face can be hidden with a full-coverage concealer, and thin lips can look full with a little practice and the right lip liner. Aside from that, you can transform into a skeleton bride or zombie with the help of special effects makeup. A comparison of before and after pictures highlights how effective cosmetics can be. 

I've always wondered why females felt the need to apply face makeup products. According to surveys, nearly half of the American women prefer to wear face beauty makeup when going out. There are two main reasons why women put on makeup, according to studies:

  • Women who are shy and self-conscious often use skull face makeup as a form of camouflage.
  • Women who want to be more outwardly attractive often apply face glitter makeup to help them project an air of self-assurance, friendliness, and assertiveness.


Forty-four percent of women are under the impression that they will be treated differently and unable to achieve either of these goals if they do not conceal their natural, unretouched facial features. Research suggests that the worries prompting them to wear two face makeup daily are grounded in reality.

Women are taught early on that physical attractiveness is crucial to their social and professional success, including in dating and job interviews and when making new friends among popular girls. This belief has historical roots and is reinforced by modern media. Even though it's not right, the Association for Psychological Science has found that attractive people receive preferential treatment in every sphere of life, from romantic relationships to employment to criminal proceedings.


Make your eyes and face pop with these scientifically-proven makeup tricks.

Face for makeup practice can be even more effective if you take the time, effort, and interest to implement these enhancements:

  • A pinkish tinge to the cheeks makes you appear younger and somewhat stimulated to the subconscious mind because it mirrors the hue many people naturally have when they are sexually aroused.
  • According to Adam J. Scheiner, M.D, a cosmetic surgeon, women's eye makeup looks (such as mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner) accentuates women's attractiveness because of the greater colour variation around their eyes. This cosmetic technique has the added potential to provide the impression of younger, more enlarging eyes.
  • Applying lipstick does the same thing by making the mouth stand out more. Not surprisingly, however, straight men find women wearing red lipstick more appealing than those who choose a less noticeable shade or don't wear any.
  • As we said before, our brains are like symmetrical faces. Therefore this is an important consideration when creating face contouring makeup. Facial contouring may improve symmetry and define your features.

For eye-makeup

Most beauty experts use this approach for a simple reason - it is a simpler way to apply full face makeup. When using sparkly eye shadows or those with dark and bold hues, makeup tends to get loose and untidy. Putting on eye makeup step by step first ensures that any product that smears or comes off will land on your skin instead of your clothes. Therefore, it's simpler to prep the face for the rest of the makeup by washing it. It prevents the potential disaster of foundation-bound pigment. If you want your face to absorb your skin prep products like moisturiser and primer, doing your eye makeup first is a good idea.

For face-makeup

Another reason why facial makeup is done first is that it comes easily to most makeup artists. Assemble the foundation first, then add the finishing touches. Faces are canvases for makeup artists. It makes sense to start with a clean slate, perfect the foundation, and then go on to the embellishments. Similarly, with makeup also, it is simpler to do the face makeup steps first and then finalise the appearance with an eye makeup look.


A lot of girls make the mistake of using too much makeup, despite its importance. In one experiment, researchers observed women while they applied cosmetics for a special occasion. Male and female participants were shown photographs of women's faces with varying degrees of makeup, including some with no makeup and some with a heavy application, and asked to vote on their favourites. On average, they found that 60% of a woman's evening eye makeup simply was enough to be deemed attractive. Most women put on too much makeup to be deemed attractive. 

Another study indicated that women's confidence, attractiveness, and competence were all boosted when they did not appear to be overdone with makeup. Now think about the makeup you want to give, and concentrate on making yourself seem as beautiful as possible without trying too hard. Tonight's makeup is here for you. If you need any other explanation from us.

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